Does Pudsey Bear play Minecraft? No, his fingers are too big!

Pudsey Bear with teachers at Pulloxhill Lower School.
Pudsey Bear with teachers at Pulloxhill Lower School.

Pudsey Bear is doing the rounds meeting youngsters ahead of Friday’s Children in Need fundraiser.

Organised by Ampthill Round Table, the giant teddy went to Pulloxhill Lower School on Tuesday where children got to ask him questions.

Round Table treasurer Peter Guinn said: “The three to five year olds were a bit wary of the 6ft bear walking into the room but the six to nine year olds loved it. It was really quite sweet.”

One of the youngster’s asked if the bandanna wearing bear plays the popular computer game Minecraft.

“That had be floored for a minute,” said Peter, who revealed that the bear’s fingers are too big for computer keyboards.

Other questions included, does Pudsey have a friend, how old is he, why doesn’t he talk and does he like honey?

The bear is visiting Bedford’s Cherry Trees Nursery and Shackleton Primary School on Thursday morning.

Ampthill Round Table will be collecting at Waitrose in the town from midday to 2pm on Friday (November 13), when children will be able to have their picture tkaen with Pudsey Bear. Stickers, badges and wristbands will be given out.

On Friday, there will also be a collection at Milton Keynes Central Station from 6am to 9pm with Pudsey there from 6am to 10am and 4.30pm to 9pm.

Last year the Round Table raised more than £150,000 nationally for Children in Need.