Dodgy repairman is rumbled when Trading Standards team answered the door

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A dodgy vacuum repairman who knocked on the door of an elderly couple from Ampthill got an unwelcome surprise after it was answered by officers trading standards.

The couple had received a cold call from a company claiming to be part of the Dyson Group, which subsequently made an appointment to service their vacuum cleaner.

However, when the couple decided to check that the caller was actually from Dyson, they were told by the firm that it does not cold call customers.

They alerted Central Bedfordshire Council’s Trading Standards team, who sent officers to their home on Friday, September 26 to wait for the company’s arrival.

When the repairman did arrive, he had his details taken by the officers before being asked to leave, with the council’s Trading Standards team also likely to take some enforcement action.

The couple said that they were extremely grateful for the prompt action taken by Trading Standards.

Cllr Brian Spurr, Executive member for community services, said: “If you receive a cold call from a repair company claiming to be carrying out repairs on behalf of a well-known manufacturer, take the time to contact the manufacturer and the check that this is correct. If it is not, contact our Trading Standards team, who can investigate the matter further.”

Dyson warned owners of its vacuum cleaners to be cautious of third-party agents pretending to work for the firm. It said that the companies offer to service Dyson vacuum cleaners – only to charge unsuspecting owners as much as £150 in hidden additional costs, while carrying out poor quality work.

Caroline Winwood, customer service director at Dyson, added: “If someone calls or turns up on the doorstep pretending to be from Dyson, they aren’t – we will never cold call and will not come to your home unless you’ve called Dyson.

“We always look to take firm action against companies or individuals masquerading as Dyson representatives by working with Trading Standards. Rest assured, Dyson customer service never cold calls or passes information to third parties.”

To contact Central Bedfordshire Council’s Trading Standards team, call 0300 300 8307 email or call the Citizens’ Advice Consumer Service on 08454 04 05 06.