Doctor’s death was after MS diagnosis

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A DOCTOR died on railway tracks at Bedford Station after learning that she had multiple sclerosis an inquest heard this week.

Nicola Sherrington, who lived in Aylesbury, leapt to her death from platform four of the station into the path of a train travelling at around 110mph, she died from severe multiple injuries.

An inquest on Tuesday heard how Ms Sherrington, 38, had no alcohol or drugs in her system at the time of her death on September 13 last year, and had raised suspicions at the station when she was spotted acting strangely on the platform.

Speaking at the inquest British Transport Police liaison officer told how during his investigation he had found that Miss Sherrington had suffered from bouts of depression throughout her life, and was treated with medication from time to time.

In a prepared statement Ms Sherrington’s family said: “Despite everybody’s best efforts including Nicola’s this was an inevitable, tragic end to the circumstances that presented themselves.”

On recording a verdict that the doctor took her own life coroner David Morris stated that Ms Sherrington was suffering from the debilitating condition adrenal hypoplasia that causes the adrenal glands to develop improperly. She had also recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

He said: “She took her own life while suffering from a chronic depressive illness exacerbated by a recent diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and an existing debilitating medical condition.”