Dispute over ransacked stone led to the fall of Bedford Castle - discover more on this weekend’s guided walk

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b10-1259 Castle Mound, Bedford. JE wk38 ENGPNL00120130508093928

The history of Bedford Castle can be discovered on this weekend’s guided walk.

Many visitor to the Castle Mound area may never know what happened in that part of town centuries ago.

The Rise And Fall Of Bedford Castle is the title of the walk on Sunday, June 28, led by the Bedford Association of Tour Guides.

With this year’s commemoration of the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, the story of the demise of Bedford Castle again comes very much into the frame as both King John and the young King Henry III are major contributors to the whole story.

It was Falkes de Breaute, the holder of Bedford Castle, who led the royalist army at the Battle of Lincoln in May 1217 and Henry (who had been crowned King in November 1216), who re-issued the Magna Carta in 1217, and who subsequently ordered the destruction of Bedford Castle.

Bedford was a traditional Norman castle probably built on the site of an earlier Saxon stronghold but considerably strengthened by the building of higher thicker walls. This was done using stone from the adjacent ransacked churches and caused the local dispute which resulted in Henry III’s instructions to obliterate the castle.

You can join the walk which is due to leave the Old Town Hall in St Paul’s Square at 11am. The cost is £3 per person with reductions for children.

Booking is essential by calling the Travel and Tourism Centre on 01234 718112.

Visit www.bedfordtourguides.org for more information.