Discover house in Bedford where wartime secret agents were sent

Evacuees at school in Bedford
Evacuees at school in Bedford

The contribution Bedford made to the Second World War is revealed in a guided walk this weekend.

It is 70 years since the end of the war, but there is still a considerable archive of information and documents not yet released, held at the National Archives in London.

Much of the story of what actually was the contribution that Bedford made to the War has only become known in the last five years and more releases are expected.

From what is now available and from the local newspapers of the time, the Bedford Association of Tour Guides have put together an interesting walk around the town visiting some of the properties that were previously classified as top secret.

Everyone will know of the thousands of evacuee children who arrived at Bedford Midland Road station and were eventually placed with local families, indeed many of whom stayed and settled in their adopted town after the end of the war. Everyone will know of the friendly invasion by thousands of American airmen based at the various fighter and bomber bases around the town.

But do you know which house every newly recruited secret agent was required to report to in order to undergo interview and assessment?

Join the Guided Walk which leaves from the Old Town Hall in St Paul’s Square at 11am on Sunday, June 7. The cost is £3 per person with reductions for children .

Booking is essential by calling the Travel and Tourism Centre on 01234 718112.

Visit for further information.