Disabled blue badge fraud in Bedford town centre

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A man who fraudulently used his mother’s disabled parking blue badge, and then pretended to be her in the hope of escaping court has been ordered to pay £569.

Last week, Billy Taylor, of St Oswald’s Road, Blackburn was found guilty of blue badge fraud in Bedford Town Centre.

A Civil enforcement officer patrolling Costin Street, Bedford took note of a Mr Taylor’s car parked on double yellow lines displaying an expired blue badge.

When Mr Taylor and his passenger returned to the car they refused to surrender the blue badge for inspection and left the scene.

Following enquiries made by council investigators, an email was received purporting to be written by the badge holder, giving an alibi for her son’s actions.

During a formal interview, Mr Taylor fully admitted that he had used his mother’s disability badge to park for his convenience when buying his breakfast, confirming that his mother was not with him.

He also admitted to writing the email, pretending to be his mother, in the hope of avoiding any further action.

Mr Taylor was found guilty of three counts of fraud, and one of failing to hand a blue badge over to a civil enforcement oficer for inspection and was ordered to pay a £335 fine, £34 victim surcharge and £500 costs.

Deputy Mayor Charles Royden, said: “This conviction should send the clear message that we will track down those who misuse Blue Badges and those caught out will always face criminal proceedings.”