Dave Hodgson re-elected Bedford mayor for third term

MBTC Mayor Dave Hodgson
MBTC Mayor Dave Hodgson

Dave Hodson has been re-elected Bedford mayor for a third term. The Lib Dem candidate was declared newly elected mayor last night after beating his rival Conservative candidate Jas Parmar in the second stage of the count after none of the candidates achieved an overall majority of first preference votes. The voting wasas follows:

3 HODGSON, Dave (Lib Dem) - 25282

5 PARMAR, Jas (Con) - 19417

1 DOUGLAS, Tim (Lab) – 15931

4 LOWE, Steve (Ind) – 12883

2 HAYNES, Adrian John (UKIP) – 7060

He said on Twitter: “An honour to be re-elected- huge thanks for the support. Will keep up fight to save services lost elsewhere & maintain Borough’s jobs growth.”

Dave Hodgson’s family moved to Bedford when Dave was nine years old. He attended Brickhill Junior School, Park Wood (now Beauchamp) and Mark Rutherford Schools. His father was a local headteacher at Westfield School and Mark Rutherford School and also served as a senior steward at Putnoe Heights Church. He now lives with his wife Christine in Kathie Road in Kingsbrook ward.

Dave has a degree in Computing and Business. He has had a varied career including university lecturing and running his own business supplying secretarial services. Dave worked at Charles Wells Brewery in Queens Park as a summer job and his first job after graduating was with Prime Computing in Bedford town centre.

Dave represented Kingsbrook ward 2002 until his election as Mayor in October 2009. He was leader of the Liberal Democrat Council Group when, for the first time, it became the largest group on the Council in June 2009. Dave worked with Frank Branston on his Cabinet, serving as Cabinet Member for Partnerships & IT.

Bedford Borough Council is one of only 14 councils in the country to have a directly elected mayor. Unlike the more traditional ceremonial mayors, directly elected mayors have wide decision making powers and Mayor Hodgson provides the political leadership of the council as well as being the Borough’s First Citizen. Together with the councillors he appoints to his Executive, Mayor Hodgson is responsible for the majority of council services.