Daughter pleads ‘help me find my mum’ after 30 years of looking

Cindy Clarke appeal
Cindy Clarke appeal

A DAUGHTER is appealing for the public’s help in a desperate bid to trace her long-lost mother.

Cindy Clarke, 45, who now lives in Dorset, has not seen her mother Marie Clarke since she was four years old.

Cindy Clarke appeal

Cindy Clarke appeal

After spending more than 30 years trying to find her, Cindy has just found out that she was last known to be living in Ampthill when she married Vince Elston in 1973.

Cindy, who was brought up in Houghton Regis, is now appealing for anyone who may have known her mum or has contact details for her to get in touch.

She said: “It would mean so much to me to be able to just say ‘Hello mum’. I have never had that and I desperately want to find her

“I am a mother and a grandmother and I want my mum to meet her grandchildren. As a mother I can never imagine being separated from my kids.”

Cindy’s parents split up when she was two years old, and during divorce proceedings her mum gave full custody of Cindy and her sister Wendy to her dad Alan.

The pair went into care for several years until their father remarried when Cindy was four years old. Sadly her dad died 11 years ago from a heart attack.

She added: “It was unheard of back then for the man to take on the children so we went into care until he re-married.

“My dad and my grandparents always said she would welcome me with open arms if I got in touch, but over the years I seem to have just hit a dead end.

“I would love nothing more to build a relationship with her, we have missed out on so much.”

Cindy’s only childhood memory of her mum was when she was four years old and her mum visited her and her sister.

She said: “I remember I was being naughty and my dad was telling me off. I remember hearing her say ‘Alan leave her alone’. That was the last time I ever saw her.”

Anyone with information can email Cindy at cmc1966@hotmail.co.uk