Dalek’s and Doctor Who stars take over Bedford to help raise money for local foodbank

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The Bedford foodbank are hosting a major fundraiser next weekend with a special sci-fi edge.

On October 8, the ‘Dalek Push’ will see trundling Daleks through Bedford streets - all to help local people in need.

The patrons of the event are two stars of Doctor Who, Sophie Aldred (who played Ace) and Katy Manning (who played Jo Grant).

Sophie, said: “Although my character, Ace, beat up a Dalek with a baseball bat rather than pushed one round the streets of Bedford, I am delighted to be part of this brilliant event.

“Bedford Foodbank is a brilliant organisation making a real difference to people who really need support.

“Please donate however much you can, large or small, and help the Daleks do something worthwhile for a change.”

Bedford foodbank provides emergency food to local people in crisis and currently feed 500 children and adults every month.

Fundraiser Simon Danes, said: “We’re hugely grateful to the people of Bedford for their generous food donations.

“It costs the Foodbank about £4 in cash for every person we help.

“With the Daleks’ co-operation, we’re hoping to raise at least £2000 towards the costs of running the charity.”

For more information about the Dalek Push, or to become a sponsor email Simon on info@stmarkspress.com.

To make a donation now, visit: justgiving.com/crowdfunding/simon-danes