Daisy the dog is back at home after being missing for five weeks

Back at home: Daisy the dog.
Back at home: Daisy the dog.
  • Loyal Daisy went missing while her owner was gardening
  • She was gone for five weeks
  • The much loved pet was spotted by an eagle-eyed dog warden around 25 miles from where she vanished

A family have been reunited with their much loved pet dog - five weeks after she went missing.

Owner 75 year old Sidney Weaver feared for the health of Staffordshire bull terrier Daisy, who had been receiving daily medication for epilepsy since suffering a fit as a puppy.

Six year old Daisy, usually always by Sid’s side, vanished while he was doing some gardening at his daughter’s home in Warren Lane, Clophill.

Sid, of Flitwick, said: “We were devastated when we couldn’t see her and we spent the next few days putting up posters - but no-one came up with any news.”

The family even offered a £1,500 reward for the dog’s safe return.

After five weeks, they had almost lost hope but then Daisy was spotted by an eagle-eyed dog warden who was on her rounds in the Cambridgeshire area. She was picked up outside Papworth Hospital, some 25 miles from where she first vanished.

Daisy was taken to Wood Green, The Animals Charity where she was scanned for a microchip.

Barbara Frances, from the charity, said: “Because Daisy had been microchipped, it took us no time at all to discover to whom she belonged, and then make contact with the owner.

“Calls like that are just such lovely ones to make because very often the owner has given up believing that they will ever see their beloved pet again.”

Over the moon Sid said: “I couldn’t believe it when I got the call. We rushed straight to Wood Green to collect her.”

Microchipping, which will be compulsory from 2016, is the easiest way to ensure a lost dog can be easily reunited with its rightful owner.