Cycle tour for Bedfordshire team in memory of police officers who have died on duty

Police Unity Tour
Police Unity Tour

A team of officers from Bedfordshire Police cycled 200 miles in memory of colleagues who have passed away, and managed to raise £7,500 in their honour.

The 11 officers completed the Police Unity Tour on Sunday, July 29, in honour of fallen officers, including Bedfordshire officer PC Jon Henry who was stabbed to death while on duty in Luton in 2007.

Sergeant Matt Crouch, organising the Bedfordshire chapter, said: “It has been an absolute privilege to be part of the first ever Bedfordshire chapter of the Police Unity Tour and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to share it with.

“I am so proud of everybody for their efforts, their enthusiasm and their determination to get round the challenging route. My thanks go to the police motorcycle escorts who were incredible ensuring the safety of the team and public on route, the van support crew who without their tenacity we would still be riding, and to every single cyclist for putting themselves out to train, fundraise and volunteer to make this event possible.

“Not forgetting the support we received from our colleagues and the public and I thank everyone for the donations they made towards the COPS charity to help families who have lost loved ones in the line of duty. As a force we have raised £7,500 which is invaluable to help families cope with their loss.

“My final thanks goes to Bedfordshire Police Federation for supporting and sponsoring the event and to Chief Constable Jon Boutcher who has been 100 per cent behind me and the tour.

“This was just a beautiful weekend with amazing people doing an amazing thing. Without doubt we will be doing it next year.”

The cyclists set off from police headquarters at kempston and finished their ride at the National Memorial Arboretum where a service was held to commemorate fallen officers, alongside the families and friends of those who have lost loved ones.

The Police Unity Tour is held every year and sees over 300 officers from forces across the country take part in a three-day bike ride to raise money for the charity Care of Police Survivors (COPS). The charity provides support to the families of officers who have died while on duty. This was the first year Bedfordshire Police had its own chapter and the Bedfordshire Police Federation supported the event as official team sponsor.

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