Cubs renew their promise on 100th anniversary

Flitwick Cub Scouts
Flitwick Cub Scouts

The three cub scout packs at Flitwick celebrated 100 years of the section by renewing their promise - they did this while watching The Jungle Book and eating popcorn.

They joined thousands of other cubs across the country celebrating 100 years of the section, all renewing their promise at the same time on Friday, December 16.

They enjoyed an evening hike in and around Kings Wood, Houghton Conquest, which was part of their Outdoor Challenge Award.

Evan Gerrie said: “It was a great adventure walking in the woods in the dark.” The beaver scouts have recently had a go at ice skating at Frosts Garden Centre.

The scouts have also been very active with wide games in the dark in Flitwick Woods. Adult volunteer Karen Fletcher said: “It’s great fun working with the children and I get inspired by the activities and their amazing knowledge.”