Cubs break the gate code at Flitwick Moor to avoid the wolves and cross crocodile infested waters!

Flitwick cubs teamwork tasks at Flitwick Moor.
Flitwick cubs teamwork tasks at Flitwick Moor.

Cubs from Flitwick Scout Group used teamwork skills when they went on an incident hike at Flitwick Moor, with teams setting off in different directions for the tasks ahead.

The teams were marked on teamwork and whether they completed the task within a specified time, with marks deducted if they asked for any help from the adult volunteers.

The first base they came across was breaking the code to unlock the gate. Lots of thinking went on here as they tried to work out the numerical number to open the gate. The second base gave them the opportunity to put some of their skills into action.

Some weeks earlier they had learnt CPR and now was the chance to see if they remembered what to do.

The scenario was that two children had banged their heads and fallen into the water. Their father had dragged them out but they were not breathing. With a hysterical father the young people had to remember all they had learnt with positive outcomes.

The scenario at the third base was the bridge over the river had collapsed and they had to get across the crocodile infested water. They found four planks, a ladder and a pair of boots.

Some good team-working skills were found as the cubs looked for the narrowest part of the river to cross. At the last base, the cubs were told that they were going to camp for the night but had to get their food out of the reaches of hungry wolves. The put the ropes, a mallet, a tent peg and a bucket they were given to good use as they found a branch they could throw the rope over. Whilst all of this was going on, they were also tasked with finding 20 different items on their scavenger hunt; some of the items they were asked to find included a feather, a round pebble, a white flower, some mud and four different types of grass.

Adult volunteer Chris Gallimore said, “It was very interesting to see their minds ticking over trying to break the code so they could pass through the gate.”

Callum said: “I liked trying to cross the river. The bridge we built was a bit wobbly, but the whole team managed to get across.”

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