Specials’ success in 100 days of action

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Bedfordshire Police’s Special Constabulary has volunteered over 16,000 hours of service during 100 Days of Action.

New Specials Chief Officer Clint Sharp introduced 100 Days of Action, which ran from 1 July, when he was appointed, and 8 October, to demonstrate the variety of the tasks the Specials are involved in.

In that time, the Specials have:

>arrested 95 people

>seized 27 vehicles

>issued 14 street cautions

>supported policing at five football matches

>volunteered 340 hours at community events

>spent nearly 2000 hours on duty during busy night time and weekend shifts in Bedford

>spent 1500 hours on duty at Luton airport

In addition, the Specials also ran seven Operation Meteor events, which aimed to crack down on nuisance bikers and help disrupt the illegal and dangerous practice of riding off-road bikes in public places. They also assisted with patrols in burglary hotspots, and volunteered alongside regular officers at London Luton Airport.

Ten new Special Constables were also welcomed to the force during the 100 Days of Action, after swearing an oath at a ceremony at Police Headquarters. Having completed their initial training, the new Specials will undergo further on-the-job training, receiving support from experienced colleagues before they are able to work independently.

Special Constabulary Chief Officer Clint Sharp said: “The amount of hours contributed by the Specials over the last 100 days shows extraordinary effort and dedication to fighting crime in Bedfordshire and keeping our county safe. We have a great team of officers all across the county, and the results speak for themselves.

“Specials provide a vital service to the county, supporting their regular colleagues and helping with numerous operations. I’m really proud of the results we’ve seen; particularly as the 16,000 hours have been volunteered by 174 Specials. Our Special Constabulary may be smaller than some of the other establishments, but we are punching well above our weight in terms of the hours we volunteer and the things we are able to support. The average hours per month, per officer is around 35, which is over twice the Home Office requirement and what officers sign up to.

“I’m proud of what we have achieved in the past 100 days, and I’m looking forward to seeing what more we can achieve in the future.”

To find out more about the Specials visit: www.bedfordshire.police.uk, email: CIP@bedfordshire.pnn.police.uk, or call 01234 842699.