Shoplifter behind bars within days of receiving a suspended sentence for theft

Luton Magistrates' Court
Luton Magistrates' Court

A woman has been jailed less than a week after being handed a suspended sentence for shoplifting.

Daniella Capone, 28, of Honeysuckle Way, Bedford, was sentenced by magistrates last Thursday, (October 1), after pleading guilty to two counts of theft and a further charge of failing to attend a drugs assessment.

Three days later, on Sunday, she was re-arrested and charged with theft from a shop and using threatening or abusive behaviour with intent to cause fear, after she stole a drill and threatened a shop worker in Homebase, in Bedford.

She appeared before Luton Magistrates’ Court on Monday, and will now serve her initial suspended custodial sentence on top of a further 10-week jail term for the most recent offence, totalling 20 weeks.

Daniella’s sister Gemma Capone, 34, of School Lane, Carlton, was charged with theft from a shop and common assault in relation to the same incident. She was jailed for four weeks.

Investigating officer PC Ryan Barnes said: “We are pleased that these criminals have been jailed and have learnt the harsh lesson that re-offending is taken extremely seriously.

“Retail theft affects everyone, and this was a particularly nasty offence in which a shop worker was threatened and assaulted. The courts have rightly recognised that this pair should be behind bars and held responsible for their callous actions.”