Police video shows 'well known' footballer going 125mph and undertaking in Mercedes G Wagon on M25

A famous footballer is due to appear in court after police were overtaken by the driver on the motorway doing 55mph over the speed limit.

Beds, Herts and Cambs Police caught the well-known footballer driving dangerously on the M25, reaching speeds of 125mph and undertaking drivers on the slip road.

The dash-cam video was posted on Beds., Cambs and Herts Road Policing twitter and shows the footballer overtake the police officers in a Mercedes G Wagon.

BCH Road Police tweeted: "Having just overtaken a marked police X5, this somewhat well known footballer decided 125mph and undertaking on an off slip of the M25 was OK #taxitotraining."

Officers stopped the vehicle and a man in his 30s from London was reported for summons for excessive speed.

The footballer was reported for the speeding offence and will have to explain their actions to a magistrates.