Police dog sniffs out suspect for arrest

Police Dog Razor PNL-150211-152245001
Police Dog Razor PNL-150211-152245001

A police dog has hunted down a wanted man in Bedford, leading to his Police Officer partner to make an arrest.

Two-year-old German Shepherd Razor leapt into action after a man was spotted acting suspiciously in the Queen’s Park Area, at about 8pm yesterday (November 1) by officers on patrol.

Police Dog Razor PNL-150211-152234001

Police Dog Razor PNL-150211-152234001

When challenged by police, the man ran away and so Police Dog Razor and his handler from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire (BCH) Dog Unit were called.

When they arrived, the man had been spotted near wasteland between Bedford and Kempston.

Razor was taken to this area and released to begin a track. His razor-sharp sense of smell was soon in use as he bounded off into trees, leading his handler into dense undergrowth.

He took his handler through a hole in a fence that was around a metre off the ground and continued further into the overgrown land.

A short while later Razor began to bark. When his handler found him, he saw a man lying on the ground with Razor standing nearby, continuing to bark.

Razor’s handler was then able to detain the man with other officers without further incident and the man was not bitten.

Sergeant Vicky Stoughton from the BCH Dog Unit said: “The unit’s handlers develop a strong bond with their dogs and they make excellent partnerships. The handlers are able to make use of the dogs’ many attributes, including their sense of smell, and this allows them to be a real asset, assisting officers around the three counties.”

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