Police close down rave near Cranfield

They received tip-off from member of public

Police closed down a potential illegal rave near Cranfield.

They received a tip-off and the event was halted in it's tracks on Wednesday evening.

According to a tweet from North Beds Police, they followed a group along the whole track leading to the location of the rave and shut it down, arresting one person.

Reports come in of a potential rave in the Cranfield area (Picture courtesy of North Beds Police)

In a statement from Beds police, they said: "This type of event is illegal, and they are often linked to anti-social behaviour, violence and cause damage to the environment and disturb local residents and wildlife.

"They also put people at an increased risk of Covid-19, as social distancing is not possible."

And they urged anyone who hears about an unlicensed music event, to call 101.

Also, if you notice posters or messages advertising an unlicensed music event, cropped bolts on a gate, or people in cars or vans, call the police.