Police bust cannabis factory in Poets area of Bedford

Officers are asking the public to report anything that doesn't quite sit right

By Clare Turner
Monday, 29th November 2021, 12:14 pm

Police have busted a cannabis factory in Spenser Road.

They visited the property due to what they described as a "concern for welfare" - and then made the discovery.

The factory - discovered on Wednesday (November 24) - has now been dismantled but police are asking the public to report anything that doesn’t quite sit right.

A cannabis factory (Picture courtesy of North Beds Police)

Here are the signs to look out for:

A strong, sickly smell

Most cannabis growers are discovered by passers by, catching a whiff of the drug's familiar smell.

High levels of condensation

Landlords might notice damp on the walls or peeling wallpaper, while from the outside a neighbour might spot condensation on the windows.

The condensation may well be due to the inside being turned into a makeshift greenhouse.

Constantly covered or blacked out windows

Do they have the curtains drawn all day long? Or have they put black-outs over all the windows?

Blacked-out windows could mean inside is really, really bright with all those strong lights.

Heat, birds on the roof, and a lack of snow

Cannabis factories produce a lot of heat, which can cause tell-tales signs, especially in winter.

When it snows, it will probably be the only house on the street without a snow-covered roof.