Peterborough dealers jailed after £50,000 of drugs found in city home

Darren Thomson (l) Reece Betts-Glasson (c) and Courtney Betts-Glasson (r)
Darren Thomson (l) Reece Betts-Glasson (c) and Courtney Betts-Glasson (r)

A drug dealer was jailed for six years after drugs worth more than £50,000 were found in a police raid in Peterborough.

Darren Thompson was not in court to hear his sentence, after an outburst in the Peterborough Crown Court dock saw Judge Tina Landale send him to the cells part way through the hearing yesterday (Thursday).

Thompson’s two co-defendants, Reece Betts-Glasson (22) of Howland, Peterborough and Courtney Betts-Glasson (18), of Melrose Drive, Peterborough, were also given custodial sentences at the hearing.

Edward Renvoize, prosecuting, said: “Police raided the address of Courtney Betts-Glasson, and found the three defendants inside.

“A search was conducted. Officers found cash, a small amount of cannabis, a relatively significant amount of heroin and scales.

“A further search was carried out in the utility cupboard , and a more significant amount of heroin was found, and a significant amount of cannabis.”

Mr Renvoize said the drugs - including five kilos of cannabis - had been valued by a drugs officer, and in total they were worth between £55,000 and £58,000.

He added: “The prosecution say Thompson is the ringleader.”

The court heard Thompson and Courtney Betts-Glasson had been in a relationship - although Judge Landale said ‘it was a relationship of convenience’ for Thompson, and he had manipulated her.

The court was told Reece and Courtney Betts-Glasson had no relevant previous convictions, but Thompson had previously been in court for offences of dishonesty, affray and other drugs offences.

Sally Hobson, defending Courtney Betts-Glasson said: “She is a young lady of good character.

“She has employment lined up is she is not sent to custody, and will work as a carer.”

Roy James, defending Reece Betts-Glasson, said: “He is a street dealer, but it is not something he is proud of, and he wants to move on.

“He is 21-years-old, with no relevant previous convictions. He had a difficult start in life.”

Greg Perrins, defending Thompson, said: “He is a street dealer, not a Mr Big figure. He does have previous convictions, but the possession of class A convictions were 10 years ago when he was just 17.

“A custodial sentence will have a devastating impact on his daughter.”

As Judge Landale was sentencing the three, Thompson shouted ‘its not me, bruv,’ and despite warnings from the judge, he continued to protest from the dock - causing him to be removed before the sentences were announced.

Thompson (27) of Blackburn Close, Shorts Town, Bedford, was jailed for six years for possession of class A drugs with intent to supply and possession of class B drugs with intent to supply. Reece Betts-Glasson was jailed for 32 months and Courtney Betts-Glasson was given a two year sentence for the same offences. Courtney had also pleaded guilty to possession of class B drugs.

There were tears from friends and family in a packed public gallery as the defendants were taken away to start their sentence.