Man jailed for stealing £7,000 left his glasses at scene of crime

MBTC Wesley Grinham
MBTC Wesley Grinham

A man jailed for stealing £70,000, had left his glasses at the scene of the crime, a court heard.

Wesley Grinham, 31, of Wixams, was jailed for seven years on Friday, September 15, after being found guilty of robbery following a four-day trial at Luton Crown Court.

In March last year, Grinham took £70,000 from his victim who had acquired the money through the sale of a property. 
Grinham approached the victim, smashed the window of his car and demanded the money, before leaving the scene in a black Vauxhall Astra.

After the robbery the victim noticed a pair of glasses in the car that didn’t belong to him. He gave them to police and they were sent for tests. 
The results of the tests showed that DNA on the glasses matched that of a sample from Grinham.

When interviewed, Grinham told officers he had lost around eight pairs of glasses in the past year, but suggested someone else must have used his glasses as a disguise to commit the robbery.

He was also found guilty of two counts of possession of class A drugs, and was sentenced to a further 12 months’ imprisonment to run concurrently.

Detective Constable Lisa Whitson said: “Throughout the trial Grinham failed to take responsibility for his actions, pleading not guilty even though evidence placed him at the scene.

“I hope the sentence received by Grinham gives the victim some sense of justice, and gives Grinham time to reflect on his actions. I hope it also demonstrates to others that crime doesn’t pay.”