Make sure it is only your heart that gets stolen this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is about romance and showing your love by giving romantic gifts such as jewellery and even engagement rings.

Thieves see it as the opportunity to take rather than give and what is a unique gift today could be stolen property tomorrow.

Bedfordshire Police is urging people to protect their jewellery and keep their valuables safe and secure to remove temptation for opportunistic burglars or street robbers and make it easier to trace it they are stolen.

Crime Reduction Officer Lara Curtayne said: “Valentine’s Day is a time when many people propose to their loved ones with an engagement ring or give expensive jewellery as a gift. Unfortunately being small, easily portable and extremely valuable these gifts can make a tempting target for thieves.

“People can protect their valuable jewellery by ensuring it is locked away securely, when not being worn, in a safe that itself is concealed within a home. Very valuable jewellery should be stored in a secure location such as a bank or safety deposit storage and not at home where it is vulnerable to burglars.

“You should also make sure new jewellery is valued by a jeweller and insured to its full current value. It is always a good idea to photograph items clearly in case they are stolen. You could also use a chemical DNA marking kit to make your valuable items less attractive to thieves. Marking your property also makes it identifiable should it be presented for sale or recovered by the police.”

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