Jail for burglars caught on camera

Carl Lucas and Ray Card PNL-160305-151947001
Carl Lucas and Ray Card PNL-160305-151947001

CCTV and photographic footage has helped secure two Bedfordshire burlgars behind bars.

Ray Card, 28, of Maia Close, Bedford, and his partner in crime Carl Lucas, 28, of Hall End Road, Wootton, will between them spend four-and-a-half years in prison after being caught breaking in to a home and business.

The first burglary took place at a motor repair business in Stagsden in which power tools worth in the region of £10,000 were stolen on January 24.

Card and Lucas were identified by CCTV which had been installed by the owner of the property, and were later arrested in connection with the offence.

The pair were then identified as suspects in a domestic burglary in Kempston’s High Street little more than a week later on February 1.

After forcing entry via a patio door, Card and Lucas helped themselves to jewellery, cash and personal items belonging to the homeowners.

However as they made off from the property, the duo were photographed by a neighbour who had been woken by the disturbance. These photographs identified Card and Lucas as the people responsible, and after being arrested both pleaded guilty to both offences.

Ray Card was sentenced to two years and two months in prison while Carl Lucas received a two year and four month sentence at Luton Crown Court on Friday, April 22.

Detective Sergeant Tammy Scrivens from Operation Fidelity said: “The charges brought against Card and Lucas were the result of forcewide co-operation from Bedfordshire’s Operation Fidelity team, the Burglary Cohort Team, Intelligence department and Central Tasking Team.

“We will not tolerate burglary in Bedfordshire and as part of Operation Fidelity we are stepping up our responses to ensure those responsible for these highly distressing, costly and violating crimes are brought to justice.

“I would also like to commend the members of the public whose vigilance in installing CCTV and having the wherewithal to take photographic evidence were instrumental in securing charges against Lucas and Card.

“Working together with the public is vital to helping us bring down burglary in Bedfordshire and I am pleased to see two more burglars behind bars.”

Meanwhile, the Fidelity team have also secured further charges in relation to a burglary which took place last week.