Hunt supporter rams his 4x4 into saboteur's car during vile tirade near Bedford

This is the shocking moment a hunt supporter deliberately rammed his 4x4 into a saboteur's vehicle before launching into a foul-mouthed tirade.


Footage shows James Lea, 50, slamming his Mitsubishi Shogun into a Range Rover as saboteurs try to disrupt a hunt.

Mr Lea is then recorded on a saboteur's mobile phone threatening them and telling one female protester 'a f***ing bitch."

Video of the incident emerged after Lea was convicted of criminal damage at a magistrates' court.


The confrontation happened on September 30, 2017, as the South Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs confronted supporters of the Oakley Fox Hunt at Melchbourne.

The video shows Lea ramming the saboteur with his car and then telling protesters; "Go on then, try it with a f**king gypsy."

Lea is also seen throwing parts of the smashed up Range Rover at the saboteurs.

The female saboteur who filmed the video had been dropped off on a public footpath to search for the Oakley Hunt with their Range Rover parked on public property.


Lea then pulled up behind the Range Rover, forcing the car forward and screamed out of his driver side window: "F***ing w***ers."

The woman filming the video, known as 'Tommy', was almost hit by the hunt supporter.

She said: "I thought he was going to do the same thing he did to the car as he did to me.

"I had to put my hand out, so he was less than a foot away hitting me."


Lea, who is believed to be a supporter, but not a member of the Oakley Hunt tells the only female protester to "F**k off.

It is unknown whether Lea is a traveller or not.

During the ordeal the saboteur group tell one another not to interact with the furious Lea, and continue to walk away from him while filming.

Lea continued to threaten the group and threw broken car parts at them.

During the attack, a member of the South Cambridgeshire Hunt Saboteurs in the Range Rover called the police as the vehicle drove out of the private property and back on to the public road.

The hunt saboteurs manage to get back into their car, and escape Lea's tirade.

Lea was found guilty at Luton Magistrates' Court on April 4 for criminal damage.

He received a conditional discharge for six months, ordered to pay costs of £105 and compensation to the hunt saboteurs of £562.79.