Dangerous driver slipped away from scene of M1 crash which killed loving father-of-two from Bedford

"When challenged, you said you did nothing wrong... Instead of staying at the scene and providing your details, within two minutes and twenty seconds you drove off"

A dangerous driver who caused a lorry crash on the M1 which killed a "loving" father-of-two from Bedford drove away after telling witnesses he did nothing wrong.

Konrad Biadun, from London, had already been cutting in and out of traffic for around five miles when he sharply braked "for no reason" on the M1 Southbound near Northampton in January 2019.

In the seconds that followed, the HGV travelling behind the 42-year-old also had to brake hard without warning.

Konrad Biadun drove away from the scene of a fatal car crash he caused when he stopped on the M1 for seemingly no reason

Tragically, behind that lorry was a white Renault van being driven by Kevin Huntley, of Bedford, who crashed into the back of the lorry and was killed instantly. He was 60.

However, at Northampton Crown Court on Monday (March 15), the judge heard how within three minutes of the fatal collision, Biadun told the HGV driver it wasn't his fault, got in his car and left.

Biadun later pleaded not guilty to causing death by dangerous driving and was convicted by a jury after failing to convince them it had been the lorry's driver's mistake.

Her Honour Judge Rebecca Crane told Biadun: "You claimed you assisted in freeing [an injured passenger]. I'm sure that you did not.

"What you did do was to get into your vehicle and drive away. When challenged by the lorry driver you said you didn't do anything wrong.

"Instead of staying at the scene and providing your details, within two minutes and twenty seconds you drove off."

He later went to a police station in London to give his details - but only claimed he was 'a witness'.

Biadun reportedly later tried to explain his dangerous maneuver on the busy motorway was because of a sudden leg cramp or pain.

Keith Huntley was described in court as a "very supportive, loving and happy man".

His adult son Chad had been riding in the front passenger seat with his father during the crash. A statement from him and partly read out in court by the prosecutor detailed how he and his sister had still not come to terms with his sudden death.

Biadun's defence barrister told the court her client now accepted the crash was his fault and felt "extreme remorse and regret".

But Judge Crane told him in sentencing: "You maintained in your trial that you did nothing wrong. You did not accept it was dangerous and you did not accept you contributed to Mr Huntley's death."

Biadun was sentenced to four years in prison. He was also disqualified from driving for six years.

At the time of the collision, the southbound stretch of the M1 between J15 and 14 was undergoing roadworks, meaning the third lane was closed and the hard shoulder was open as a lane. A speed limit of 50mph was in place.