BREAKING NEWS: Four youths jailed for 107 years for ‘vicious and merciless’ murder of Isaac Stone

Fahim Khan, Mohammed Hussain, Javed Miah, Rubel Miah, from Bedford.
Fahim Khan, Mohammed Hussain, Javed Miah, Rubel Miah, from Bedford.

Four youths were jailed for a minimum total of 107 years today/Tuesday for murdering a teenage rapper after they had been mocked on a YouTube video.

Mohammed Hussain, 22, Rubel Miah, 19, his brother Javed Miah, 21, and Fahim Khan, 20, drove around Bedford in a hired white Range Rover and armed themselves with knives and meat cleavers.

Javed Miah and Rubel Miah.

Javed Miah and Rubel Miah.

Their victim, Isaac Stone, 19, was cornered in Costin Street, Bedford, where he was punched and kicked repeatedly. He suffered eleven cut and stab injuries, dying from a wound that penetrated his lung.

His friend Shajidur Rahman was left mutilated after an attack carried out by Rubel Miah and Fahim Khan. His nose was amputated and he suffered four deep slashes to his head and face.

Prosecutor Vincent Coughlin QC told Luton crown court that the motive for the “murderous attack” at 6.20 at night on Saturday January 25 this year was not entirely clear.

But the day before, an amateur music video called “Go Missing” was posted on YouTube in which Isaac Stone, Shajidur Rahman and others appeared. In the course of the film, which was made near the home addresses of three defendants, alcohol was sprayed over the name ‘Raz’ that had been painted on a wall. “It upset someone,” said the prosecutor.

Isaac Stone

Isaac Stone

Mohammed Hussain, of Maitland Road, Bedford, Rubel Miah of Costin Street, Bedford, his brother Javed Miah also of Costin Street, Bedford and Fahim Khan of Fenlake Road, Bedford, all denied murder, attempted murder and two counts of possession of an offensive weapon.

But the jury of 5 men and 6 women convicted all four of Isaac’s murder. They cleared all four of attempted murder of Shajidur Rahman and convicted Rubel Miah and Fahim Khan of causing him grievous bodily harm with intent. All four were convicted of two charges of possessing offensive weapons.

The four received life sentences. Hussain, who was of previous good character and had wanted to be a lawyer, received a minimum term of 25 years. Rubel Miah received a minimum term of 28 years, Javed Miah, 26 years and Fahim Khan 28 years. They will be in their mid 40s before they can apply for parole.

Opening the case, Mr Coughlin said that “perhaps for show” a white Range Rover had been hired from Luton for £150. Back in Bedford two meat cleavers were bought for £2.99 each from a hardware shop in Greenhill Street by Rubel Miah and Fahim Khan.

They encountered Isaac Stone, who was driving a white Corsa with Mr Rahman and two others as passengers, in Costin Street.

The jury was shown CCTV which showed a fast-moving street brawl ending with Isaac being cornered behind a parked car. By the time he arrived at Bedford hospital there was no sign of a pulse and he was pronounced dead at 19.15.

Giving evidence, Shajidur Rahmah, who has been permanently disfigured, said he had seen two defendants, Rubel Miah and Fahim Khan, earlier that night in an alleyway off Castle Lane, Bedford. He said they told him they had not got a problem with him, but had a problem with Isaac and another youth.

In Costin Street they saw the Range Rover with the defendants inside. He said he thought there was to be a fight with no weapons. He went on: “Everyone froze. We said ‘we have got to sort it.’ We never anticipated it would lead to what happened. It happened so quick. We stopped. We did not think weapons were involved. We thought it was a fist fight. Isaac said ‘They have got something in their hands.’”

He said they got out of the car and Rubel Miah and Fahim Khan came towards them. “Fahim came up to me. I thought he had a hammer. It had a blue wrapping over the handle. I got hit by Fahim. I didn’t know at the time that it was a meat cleaver.”

Mr Rahman said he tried to defend himself but after the second or third blows he felt “dizzy.” His nose was amputated and left at the scene.

In June 2012 Rubel Miah and Fahim Khan were sentenced for their part in a shooting of a car dealer at the Peri Peri restaurant in Bedford each received 3 years for possessing a shotgun with intent to cause fear of violence. Rubel’s uncle Aktar Miah, then 25, was found guilty of attempted murder and received a life sentence saying he must serve a minimum term of 12 years before being considered for parole.

Jailing them Judge Richard Foster said: “The background to these tragic events is unclear. The video was the catalyst to animosity.

“All four of you aware of purchase of meat cleavers. There was evidence of significant pre planning. It was unwise of Isaac Stone and his friends to follow the Range Rover into Costin Street, but was no excuse for what followed.

“It was a vicious and merciless the attack by all four of you.

“This case is a stark reminder of the dangers of yong people carrying knives, what could have been public disorder, which is serious enough, became homicide.”

The judge praised what he said was the “meticulous” police “investigation.

After the case, Isaac’s mother Yvette Lendore said: “Everybody loved Isaac and Isaac loved everybody.”