Bedford man gets lengthy jail time for ‘brazen’ burglarly

Mohan Singh
Mohan Singh

Another person has been arrested following Bedfordshire Police’s burglarly crackdown.

Bedfordshire Police’s Operation Fidelity has put 30-year-old Mohan Singh behind bars after being found guilty of a ‘brazen and shameless’ offence.

Singh, of Putnoe Street, Bedford, was sentenced to two years and three months in prison for the offence, which took place at Aelfric Court in Bedford.

Early in the morning of April 14, Singh was spotted by the victim as he attempted to get into a ground floor window in the property, but Singh told the victim he was a neighbour.

He then asked the victim for cash claiming he needed money for petrol, before returning 10 minutes later and asking again.

The victim had since noticed that his wallet had been moved and tampered with.

As well as the jail term, Singh was also handed a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) banning him from approaching anyone to ask for money or to borrow a telephone in the whole of Bedfordshire.

Breaching a CBO is a criminal offence and carries the penalty of further imprisonment.

Detective Constable Barry Kerr, said: “Singh has form for this brazen type of offence, though he had fabricated a story about wanting to help the victim out. In actual fact we believe Singh had forced entry to the property and stolen a wallet, before realising he’d been caught out and slyly returning it a short while later – but not before shamelessly asking the victim for cash.

“At Bedfordshire Police we are committed to tackling burglary and raising awareness of distraction-style offences to help prevent people from falling victim to this callous and distressing crime, through our dedicated Operation Fidelity initiative.”