Appeal after £50 note fraud in Biggleswade store

Police are appealing for witnesses after nightclub attack.
Police are appealing for witnesses after nightclub attack.

Shopkeepers are being urged to remain alert to suspicious activity after a series of incidents in which counterfeit cash was used at a supermarket.

Three fake Bank of England £50 notes were used to purchase a small number of items in Aldi in Biggleswade on Tuesday (20 October), with the fraudsters receiving lots of genuine currency in change.

Security pens used did not identify the notes as fake, and it was later discovered the notes each bore the same serial number of BE04445628.

Sergeant Gary Kidd from the central community policing team said: “We would urge all shopkeepers to be vigilant against this kind of scam and be aware that fraudulent activity may be taking place in the area.

“Report any suspicious behaviour to police and avoid accepting anything other than legal tender. Theft of this kind has a knock-on effect on all other shoppers who incur the cost of criminal activity against the business sector, with price rises for goods in the long term.”

If you believe someone to be using counterfeit notes or have any information, call police on 101.

Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.