£161,000 a year for police trio

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The team who will oversee policing across Bedfordshire for the next three-and-a-half years will receive £161,000 a year. ot was revealed this week.

Olly Martins was elected last month as the county’s first Police and Crime Commissioner. and has appointed his assistant and deputy commissioners.

Mr Martins will be paid £70,000 a year, while lawyer Tafheen Sharif, 30, who is a councillor in Luton, will work four days a week as deputy commissioner if approved by the Police and Crime Panel, for £36,000 a year.

Home Office civil servant Simon Bullock, assistant commissioner, originally threw his hat into the ring for the race to be the Labour PCC candidate, but had to withdraw because his job was politically restricted. He will be paid £55,000 a year.

The pair, both from Luton, have opted to remain on their current salaries, which Mr Martins, who will be paid £70,000 a year, said would mean his office costing less to run than the now-defunct police authority.

He said: “I am absolutely delighted to have two people of such high calibre at my side.”