Creative arts day sees pupils find their inner superheroes

Turvey Lower School Creative Arts Day
Turvey Lower School Creative Arts Day

Local artists and a confidence coach have worked with lower school pupils in creative sessions to tap into their own self-awareness.

Turvey Lower School dedicated its recent Creative Arts Day to exploring the school’s values and the unique strengths of each pupil, in a move which underlines the importance it places on creativity as a gateway to self-awareness and self-esteem.

To inspire the children to get creative, Turvey Lower invited talented local artists Leigh Hopkins and Anne-Marie Stijelja to run workshops.

The pupils enjoyed lino block printing led by Leigh, where they had fun designing their own template and chose colours creatively to create a lino print.

Anne-Marie joined forces with business confidence coach Suzy Bashford to encourage the children to unleash their ‘inner superheroes’.

They did this by first choosing a ‘power stone’ and then decorating a box for it covered in the words describing their individual ‘superpower’ strengths, such as ‘curious’, ‘energetic’ or ‘caring’.

In another session, to help remind them of the school’s values – such as respect, sharing and forgiveness – children used decoupage to create a large ‘values’ tree.

In the ‘Kitchen Music’ workshop, children embraced creativity as, not only a route to self-discovery, but also as pure fun. They used a variety of everyday objects to make music, finding it particularly amusing to use their body to create percussion effects.

Assistant head of Turvey Lower, Sheryl Lewis, organised the day and said: “As a school we feel passionate about celebrating the different talents and qualities of each and

every child and creative arts are an important way for children to learn, express their originality and build their confidence.

“The children had an amazing and exciting time, and were still talking about it for days afterwards!”