Cranfield University sued by students over strike by lecturers

Cranfield University ENGEMN00120110318172824
Cranfield University ENGEMN00120110318172824

Students are suing Cranfield University over the recent staff strike.

The group court action has students seeking tuition fee refunds over the teaching time which was lost when lecturers took industrual action over changes to their pension rights.

Each student could be 
entitled to hundreds of pounds in compensation.

A spokesman for 
Asserson, the firm of disputes lawyers who are coordinating the claim, said: “The universities who are responsible for any ‘refunds’ to students have so far almost without 
exception given no indication that they plan to offer 
compensation, even though they currently hold the 
savings from salaries 
withheld from staff on strike days.

“To date students have lost a total of 14 days of teaching at more than 60 universities across the UK. Further strikes remain a possibility as the two sides in the dispute over 
pensions for university 
staff have still not reached agreement .”

The claim would be brought against all relevant universities by way of a Group Litigation Order, which is the way the courts deal with claims involving hundreds 
or thousands of claimants.

A Cranfield spokesman statement said: “The university respects the right of our staff to strike.

“Staff have worked hard to keep any disruption to 
students to a minimum, whether by arranging cover or by rescheduling lectures.

“During this time, we have been able to maintain a high-quality learning experience for our students.”

> The claim is open to all students in the UK who have been affected by the strikes, including UK students, EU students and non-EU foreign students.

To find out more or to sign up to the make your own claim, visit www.