Councillor lends a hand to restore Bedford Embankment benches

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Castle Ward councillor Luigi Reale has donated money from his ward fund to repair and restore damaged benches along Bedford’s popular Embankment.

In September last year councillor Reale was part of a small group of volunteers who joined the Bedford Borough Events & Community Engagement Team to paint some of the memorial benches along the Embankment.

They discovered that several benches were in such bad condition they might need to be removed unless further repairs were made.

Councillor Reale said: “I worked with the Environmental Services Team and decided to fund their restoration of the nine badly damaged benches using some of my ward funds.

“The work took place in February and March this year, so now these benches, with their lovely inscriptions, can remain on the Embankment to be enjoyed by people for a few more years.

“It was a pleasure working with the council team and a special thanks to the volunteers who helped.

“Our next project is to restore some of the benches on the St Mary’s side of the river.”