Council supports local charity during autism awareness month in Bedford

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Spring has sprung for autistic children in Bedford this month, celebrating Autism Awareness month at Bedford LOAF (Loads Of Autistic Fun), an inclusive playgroup for children with autism aged 0–12.

LOAF is one of the many programmes run by local charity Autism Bedfordshire. The session involved a daffodil arts project and they built a cardboard Castle fort to recognise St George’s Day – all the children we supported to enjoy the activities at the wonderfully resourced new Wootton Lower School on Harris Way.

Bedford Borough Council has provided financial support of 50% of the costs to deliver this service for 2017 - 2018.

The session was attended by special guest Councillor Henry Vann who said: “I am delighted the Council has been able to continue to support Autism Bedfordshire’s important work.

“It was inspiring to hear from parents how the Loads Of Autistic Fun (LOAF) sessions make a different to their lives and their children’s lives.

“If there is one thing to remember during Autism Awareness month it is that every child and every family is different.”

Emma Reade, spokesperson for the charity added: “As autism can be an extremely isolating for children and their families, LOAF provides them with somewhere they can go where they feel accepted and understood.

“The children who attend LOAF enjoy a whole range of fun activities, supported by specialist trained staff, whilst the parents benefit from a short break and the opportunity to talk to others in a similar situation.

“This service is invaluable for families and we’re thrilled beyond words to receive the funding this year from Bedford Borough Council to enable us to continue this lifeline services.”