Council and MP hope to reassure Bedford residents living in tower blocks

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Fire safety in high-rise flats has been made a top priority in Bedford to reassure residents there will not be a repeat of the Grenfell Tower tragedy here.

Mohammad Yasin, MP for Bedford, met with housing association bpha CEO Kevin Bolt earlier this week following the devastating fire in London which claimed the lives of 79 people.

As a result of the disaster, bpha have reintroduced their estate ‘walkabouts’, and the pair spoke about the future and bpha’s commitment to continuous improvement in service delivery and to building more homes.

Mr Bolt explained: “I was able to offer re-assurance to Mr Yasin and emphasised that we would now re-look at all aspects of fire safety in our tower blocks.

“Not because there is anything wrong but because we want to see if we can do more.

“We conduct regular fire risk assessments and inspections in all high-rise buildings, in accordance with regulations. ”

While they own none of the high-rise blocks in Bedford, such as Beckett Court, the borough council confirmed it was working with landlords and the fire service to ensure safety for all residents.

A spokesman said: “While the council does not own any high rise residential blocks we are continuing to support local landlords and the fire service in checking all high rise properties ensuring the safety of all residents across the borough.

“We can confirm that as yet no properties have 
been identified as having similar cladding to Grenfell Tower.”

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is due to published its detailed investigations into high rise flats across the county next month.