Could a railway station in Wixams help ease Bedford’s gridlocked roads?

The Wixams
The Wixams

A railway station on the Wixams estate could help ease Bedford’s clogged up roads, says a councillor.

Councillor Graeme Coombes, who lives on the estate himself and until a year ago commuted to London everyday, says the much anticipated station would take commuters off the town’s roads.

“I think it would help the Ampthill Road traffic situation,” he said. “If there was a station in Wixams it might take some traffic away from people travelling into Bedford for the station.

“Coming up the Ampthill Road is a real pain.

“If the traffic is bad and you pick the wrong time of day it can take over half an hour to do a journey that should only take a few minutes.”

The dedicated station on the village estate, which was originally due to open this year, has been delayed due to a £12million funding gap.

A meeting was held last month by Bedford Borough Council, Network Rail and developers Gallagher Estates in a bid to find a way to push ahead with the project.

Discussions included how the funding gap can be reduced and options for additional finance.

A follow up meeting has been scheduled for six months’ time.

Mr Coombes said: “I feel there is a moral obligation on the part of Network Rail and Gallagher Estates to deliver this station because those of us who bought houses were told at the start that we would get a nice new station.”

He said some people have left the estate because a railway station has not been delivered. 
“People bought houses on the premise that a station would be built and I think people feel a little bit cheated at the moment.”