Couch to marathon for Bedford woman after weight loss

Val Freestone
Val Freestone

A Bedford woman has gone from couch to marathon training after decided to lose weight.

Val Freestone got up from the couch one day, joined a Weight Watchers meeting in Brickhill and has literally never looked back.

In just over a year she lost over 4 stone following the slimming programme and credits her coach Jodi Henderson for “triggering something in me that I just didn’t think was there. With the support and encouragement from Jodi as well as an amazing plan to follow I started to lose the weight”, said Val.

Val credits the NHS ‘Couch to 5k’ app for helping her to take that brave step in running.

She said: “With the support of a friend I downloaded the app, our chosen celebrity voice was Jo Wylie, which made it more interesting, but there are others you can chose.

“Since getting up from the couch, I have now completed 57 park runs. My next challenge is the Brighton Marathon, which I am looking forward to in April 2019. All I can say is that running became more important to me than eating, but it was losing the weight in the first place that gave me the confidence to turn my life around. I can’t believe that I went from doing nothing to running a marathon – it’ so exciting.”

Jodi said: “I’m just so pleased for Val. She has worked so hard to not only lose weight but to move more too – it’s just brilliant to see the transformations.”

Jodi runs two meetings a week - Thursdays at 5.45pm in Brickhill and Saturday 10am at The Salvation Army, Rushden.