Cool leap to raise awareness of mental health issues

Megan Dimery
Megan Dimery

A high hoping fundraiser has launched the ‘cold water jump challenge’ in Bedford.

Megan Dimery, 24, lives in Flitwick and is campaigning with the charity Mind BLMK to raise money and awareness.

The cold water challenge mimics the new therapy being researched by hospital’s across the UK.

The theory is to plunge people who suffer from anxiety and depression, into a pool of ice cold water.

This is meant to shock the body, and mirror the symptoms someone would get whilst suffering a panic attack.

By putting those who suffer with mental health problems in this environment, it helps them pratice how to cope with panic attacks both mentally and physically.

Megan, who also works full time at the Bedford Swan hotel said: “It’s something different and stops people depending on medicines and drugs.

“I want to raise awareness about anxiety and depression, as well as money for the charity.

“I’m quite a confident person, and most people don’t think I have any mental health issues because of the way I come across.

“I suffer from anxiety and I think it’s one of those situations where if you’re not shy or introverted people don’t take you seriously.”

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