Community bus has funding for more routes

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Wanderbus, the community bus transport operator serving rural villages in the Shefford area, is to run a second bus next year.

Wanderbus II will operate thanks to funding from the Department of Transport and offer a greater service to villages in Central Bedfordshire.

Wanderbus, a charitable organisation staffed entirely by volunteers and launched over 26 years ago, has been providing essential fixed route services to destinations including Milton Keynes, Bedford, Welwyn Garden City, Hitchin, Letchworth and Baldock.

Wanderbus co-ordinator Jenny Gilbert said: “The additional 16-seater bus will allow us to increase the frequency and destinations of our services from Shefford and the outlying villages. We hope to extend our services to include additional destinations such as Biggleswade, St Neots and Cambridge if the demand is there. Having two buses will also increase our private hire service capability for schools and local clubs.”

The Wanderbus can be used by anyone, just like a regular bus service and fare paying customers and concessionary pass holders are all welcome.

The major difference is that their services will drop passengers as close to home as possible, adding an extra element so beneficial to those with mobility issues, heavy shopping or mothers with prams and toddlers.

Wanderbus will be publishing a new timetable early in 2016 with a planned launch of the additional services from late spring/early summer. Visit