Coffee sales help create a forest

Robin Sibley
Robin Sibley

A businessman running a coffee company is to plant 100 trees at a public event this weekend.

Robin Sibley, who has been running the Wooden Hill Coffee Company in Ampthill since November 2015, pledged to contribute towards a tree being planted for every bag of coffee sold.

The planting at Forest of Marston Vale’s Waypost Wood at Cranfield is open to the public so the more volunteers the better.

Robin said: “From the onset I pledged that for every bag of coffee I sold, whether domestically or commercially, I would contribute to the planting of a tree at the Forest of Marston Vale.

After my first full year of trading, enough bags of coffee have been sold to plant 100 trees.”

Robin has invited a number of his commercial customers to the event, including Bedford cafes Papillon, Ground Floor Cafe and Harpur Coffee Company, the Summerhill Farmshop, Cardington who sell small bags of his coffee, the Hide from Ampthill, Bookshop Cafe in Cranfield, O for Coffee in Oakley, Twinwoods at Milton Ernest and others to the event on Sunday, February 12.

Robin added: “In a nutshell, if the general public have a coffee in any of these places, they are supporting local independent cafes, local coffee roasters employing in the areas and helping plant a forest for future generations to enjoy.”

Buses will be running to and from the Forest Centre to the site, from 10.45am until around 3pm. Please do not drive to the site as there is no parking availble. Cranfield residents can easily walk to the site, just off Lodge Road, off the High Street.

Wear warm clothing, suitable footwear - most likely wellies. There will be refreshments on site and all the tools you need.

Robin, who had worked in the coffee industry for more than 10 years, launched Wooden Hill Coffee Company to focus on good quality coffee, and also the environment.

He sources Fairtrade beans and uses bio-degrable bags rather than foil lined. The coffee is roasted in Bedfordshire and he delivers in reusable wooden crates and so far has saved over 1,000 boxes.


For more information about the planting, call Jo Roberts on 01234 762608 or email