Clapham woman caught speeding on same stretch of road SEVEN times in 10 days

A 57-year-old Clapham woman appeared before magistrates after being caught speeding on the same stretch of road SEVEN times in 10 days.

Mrs Lynne Brown, who lives in Summers Close, was caught on seven separate occasions by the speed camera on Oakley’s 30mph Lovell Road.

Her speed ranged from 38mph to 43mph.

This month she pleaded guilty to the offences at Luton Magistrates Court, where her speeding spree cost her a whopping £2,989 in fines and costs.

Mrs Brown was also disqualified from driving.

The court heard how the first offence took place on October 25 2016, when the camera recordered her doing 41 mph in her Suzuki car at 8.22pm.

She was caught in the same area at 11.42pm the following day and 3.16pm the day after that. On October 28, she was caught twice within 13 hours.

The two other offences took place late at night on October 31 and just after 10am on November 3.