Ciaran’s TV Mission Impossible!

MBTC Ciaran McCarthy
MBTC Ciaran McCarthy

A disabled tennis coach from Kempston is bidding to win £10,000 on a TV game show.

He will be pitting his wits against 30 other contestants but the prize money is not his main motivation.

Instead Ciaran McCarthy, who was born profoundly deaf, wants to inspire others to take on similar challenges to overcome disability.

Said Ciaran: “I have so much passion about promoting diversity especially for the deaf community.

“It is so rare to see deaf people on any quiz show but if I can do it anyone can.

“I wear cochlear implants which are enhanced hearing aids and it has completely change my life because I am now able to communicate, lipread and talk to hearing people. But I have used sign language all my life and used signing when I was filming Impossible. My interpreter helped translate and do voice-over for me.

“Signing makes me feel comfortable and my using it will hopefully inspire deaf people to watch.”

Ciaran says he applied to take part in the Impossible show after appearing on Countdown in 2014.

“People in the deaf comstill remember it so I firmly believe more people with disabilities should be encouraged to take part in quiz shows.”

He added: “Mighty Productions, who devise Impossible, have fantastic ‘deaf awareness’ because they are already planning to modify the programme if I get through to the £10,000 jackpot and give me more time to answer questions.”

The BBC quiz show features contestants competing to avoid giving impossible answers to questions.

> Impossible starts on Monday and will air for 10 days until November 10.