Childhood art goes viral

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-140403-143738001

An artist’s back catalogue dating from when he was two years old has gone viral around the world.

Jake Lockett posted a collection of drawings and paintings saved from his childhood on his work’s website which was then swiftly shared on social media and online news sites.

He said: “It feels a bit strange knowing that the collection has been shared globally as it’s quite an abstract idea, but its nice that people are interested.

“It’s a small project but I’ve had loads of comments and emails from people saying how much they appreciate it.”

Some of the feedback Jake received included school teachers asking if they could use it to base their lessons on. He added: “I might even be making a little video interview for a school in Istanbul.”

The 24-year-old said people often feel artists have an inherent talent, but in this project he “intended to show that with work, progression is inevitable, a concept that will hopefully inspire others to peruse their interests whole -heartedly”.

He added: “I like to think of it as a ‘chicken and the egg’ scenario. Do I draw a lot because I am good, or am I good because I draw a lot? I don’t know, probably a bit of both.”

Jake has his mum to thank for keeping and dating his early scribblings. He said it was during a nostalgic evening of looking through them that he got the idea to catalogue and document them.

He said: “I used to love drawing as a child and I have fond memories of drawing with my sister of an afternoon. It was, and still is, one of my favourite recreational activities.”

As you scroll through the pictures, you can see a child’s skill develop into the talent that earned Jake his current job with Eat With Your Eyes marketing and design studio, in Priory Park, Bedford.

He said: “I definitely had themes running through my work at certain points in my life. You can see the point when I was most into Jurassic Park or Star Wars, and I have sketchbooks full of Mighty Max drawings.

“Although I had themes in my artwork, I would always throw in the odd wildcard; my mum specifically remembers a Mother’s Day card on which I drew a fly being swatted.”

You can view the artwork at

Jake said: “My childhood drawings are just online at the moment, that is unless you count my mum’s fridge.”