Charity worker heads to Nepal to pave way for UK aid

Ravi Gill flying out to Nepal
Ravi Gill flying out to Nepal

A charity volunteer is preparing to fly to Nepal tonight to provide aid to the earthquake disaster survivors.

Ravi Gill, 37, from Bedford, is landing in the Indian capital, Delhi, before heading to Kathmandu to assess the situation.

He is travelling with Khalsa Aid charity CEO Ravi Singh, from Slough.

He said: “There is still a lot of search and rescue going on. We need to see exactly what is needed and how to supply it.

“We’ve got experience with disaster zones but we have got to treat each incident individually.”

Ravi, a self-employed construction worker, has previously volunteered with the charity’s relief efforts in the Philippines, India, and Haiti.

He said: “We don’t know what we will find in Nepal. Food and fresh water are always a necessity.

“We are taking hand sanitiser with us to distribute initially, to prevent the spread of disease.

“More supplies will be flown out at the weekend but we will also be sourcing supplies from our contacts in India, and areas which are less affected by the disaster.

“When buying supplies for ourselves, we make sure that we do not take food from the local people. Chances are, we will get food from outside of Kathmandu.”

Slough-based Khalsa Aid is a humanitarian relief agency which operates on the Sikh principle of seva, which is a duty to serve the community. It is supported by the international Sikh community, but mostly funded by UK-based Sikhs.

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