Charity creates garden paradise for Lois, 9, from Kempston

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Children’s charity WellChild has ‘fixed up’ Lois Russell’s garden as one of its renowned Helping Hands projects.

Lois, nine, from Kempston has severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

She is also sight and hearing impaired and needs to use a wheelchair and needs specialist equipment, such as oxygen and suction machines, so that her parents can care for her needs.

A spokesperson from the charity explained: “She has very limited communication but smiles and laughs when she is happy and cries when she is uncomfortable or sad.

“Lois loves to be outside and wants to join her siblings when they play in the garden but it currently isn’t accessible for her.”

The garden transformation, in partnership with the biopharmaceutical company SOBI, will help Lois’ parents create an outdoor space that Lois can access, so that the family can spend time outdoors together.

The charity built a deck from the house with a ramp into the garden and from the ramp an area that is wheelchair accessible using artificial turf, where Lois now has a specialist wheelchair swing installed.