Cat missing, presumed mousing

Have you seen Nancy?
Have you seen Nancy?

A cat who moved to Bedford just two weeks ago has gone missing.

Nancy, a female tortoiseshell, spent her first week exploring her new home and claiming territory in her back garden but always returned.

However, her owners Chris and Charly White said on Sunday, March 8, she went through the cat flap and has not been seen since.

Charly said: “We have two cats, and never thought it would be Nancy who would go off.

“We’re pretty sure she has gone out mousing and got a bit lost.”

The worried couple have contacted their new neighbours and posted pictures of Nancy on social media in the hope someone might have seen her.

Charly said: “We are new to the area, and I have to say people have been absolutely amazing with the help they are offering. One woman has even sent her children out looking for Nancy.

“We would like to ask people to please check their garages, sheds or anywhere she may have become trapped.”

The couple, who live in Ashmead Road, Brickhill, can be contacted on 07900 491 668.