Castle Lane sign to be re-instated

A sign over the entrance to Castle Lane in Bedford, removed due to council work, is set to be put back.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said: “We will be putting a new Castle Lane sign up. We have the permission of the building’s owners, and are getting listed building consent. It should be back this autumn affixed to the two buildings alongside in Castle Lane.”

Libby Lionetti with confusing signs in Bedford town centre.

Libby Lionetti with confusing signs in Bedford town centre.

Bedford resident Frank Camino said: “Having it back will play a big part in bringing people to Castle Lane. I’ve been to Oxford where signs and arches attract you to explore as a shopper.”

Libby Lionetti, owner of La Piazza in St Paul’s Square, said: “During the River Festival Castle Lane wasn’t so much the Castle Quarter as the Latin Quarter, it was so busy. Having it back will be great for Bedford.”

Concerns were raised about incorrect signage on the black post in the Market Square with a ‘finger’ labelled ‘Tourist Information’ pointing at the Corn Exchange.

Mayor Dave said: “The signs have been around a long time and some of them are pointing in the wrong direction and the wrong things. As they’re fixed cast-iron you can’t change them – so we’re putting new black and gold aluminium posts in place. A large number will be put up around town replacing the existing ones. They’re really good – if anything changes we move the direction of an individual ‘finger’ as opposed to a whole post. It’s cheaper and not having to wait to change them ensures they will be up to date all the time. ”