Cash machine stolen in ram raid at Cranfield Co-Op

MBTC Ram raid Cranfield
MBTC Ram raid Cranfield

A cash machine was stolen in a ram raid at Cranfield Co-Op in the early hours of this morning. (Aug 4)

Police were called at around 1.40am by a member of the public reporting damage to the front of the Co-operative store in Mill Road.

A dark-coloured estate car and a group of men were witnessed making off from the scene.

Officers attended the store within 10 minutes and discovered a cash machine had been stolen. Extensive damage has been caused to the front of the store and a 4x4 vehicle was abandoned at the scene.

An investigation into the incident has been launched and officers will be engaging with the local community to offer reassurance.

Police are urging any witnesses, or has any information, to contact police on 101.

A Spokesperson for the Co-op, said: “There was an incident at our Cranfield food store in the early hours of this morning (Friday, 4 August). Fortunately, no-one was hurt, however extensive damage has been caused to the store during the attack on the ATM. The store remains closed while structural assessments are undertaken.

“We apologise to the community for any inconvenience while their store remains closed, and we appeal for anyone with information to come forward to the Police, who are investigating.

“It is too early to confirm when the store will re-open”

Advice to businesses:

> Ensure all windows and doors are locked that are not in use and all secured at the end of the working day.

> Try to block any main access points from the road. For example if your shop is located on a high street, try to ensure a vehicle is parked outside.

> If there is a car park for the location, explore whether this can be blocked off in any way after the hours of business

> If you do have an ATM machine, ensure it is highly secured and in a position that is not easy to access. Ensure it is covered by CCTV.

> Do you have anti-ram bollards installed? Although there may be cost implications initially, this could be a lot less than the repair and recovery cost.

> Ensure that your alarm is in full working order.

> Ensure that your CCTV system is in full working order and that the camera lenses are not obscured by cobwebs or overgrown greenery.

> Make it obvious that CCTV is monitoring by displaying bright signage both internally and externally.

> Speak to any neighbouring properties; ensure they call the police if anything suspicious is seen.