‘Caring’ man died from fall

Missing Abid Shaif has been found
Missing Abid Shaif has been found

A young man who heard voices in his head for up to 10 hours every day died when he fell from a multi-storey car park, an inquest heard.

It is not clear yet whether 20-year-old Mark Grimsey, who had been making plans for the future before his death on December 29, jumped or fell.

Ampthill Coroner’s Court heard on Tuesday (September 8) that Mark was discovered lying in Gadsby Street by a nearby restaurant worker who ventured outside after hearing a loud bang.

CCTV does not cover the area.

Paramedics were called and Mark, who had aspirations of entering Britain’s Got Talent or the X Factor to showcase his rapping skills, was rushed to Bedford Hospital.

He received nine units of blood as doctors battled to save his life but died on the operating table after suffering a second cardiac arrest.

At the time of his death Mark, who was staying in supported living at Bedford’s Holman House, was under the treatment of the South Essex Mental Health Service (SEPT).

He suffered from schizophrenia, anxiety and drug induced psychosis.

In a statement read out, Mark’s key worker Ian Chambers described him as a popular, caring and sensitive young man.

He was receiving medication for his condition and was also on methadone for heroin addiction but it was suspected that he was still taking recreational drugs.

Independent witness consultant physiatrist Dr Laurence Mynors Wallis, who was asked to review Mark’s case, said: “I wouldn’t have predicted he was going to kill himself when he did.”

Giving evidence he said he believed the care plan that was in place for Mark was the “right type of plan to help Mark live a meaningful life”.

Before his death he had been making plans to move out of Holman House into local authority housing and was pursuing his passions for music and art.

He had not displayed any signs of hopelessness, said Dr Mynors Wallis, who said that Mark talking about a dream he had about heaven before his death was not significant. “There is no evidence that the contents of a dream influences the risk or self harm or suicide,” he said.

The hearing was adjourned due to the absence of a witness – Mark’s community mental health nurse. The inquest will be reopened for the witness and verdict on October 15.