Caring for a parent - this Bedford conference may offer vital advice

Sorrel Pindar with parents Peter and June
Sorrel Pindar with parents Peter and June

A businesswoman from Bedford specialising in health is organising an event to help people coping with caring for elderly parents.

Sorrel Pindar, who runs Oxalis Osteopathy and Health Coaching, based at Bedford Integrative Health Centre in St Loyes Street, has teamed up with charity Carers in Bedfordshire to offer a free conference for those of working age whose elderly parents are becoming increasingly dependent on them.

The event, A Stitch In Time, will be held at the Pilgrims Centre, Brickhill Drive, on Saturday, June 9, from 9.30am until 4.30pm, featuring a host of expert speakers on the subject.

Sorrel, a master practitioner in neurolinguistic programming with a special interest in communication, said: “The demands of my business combined with mum and dad needing more help and care were becoming more difficult for me.

“My own energy levels are getting lower as I get older and it’s been a steep learning curve to discover everything I needed to learn to support them – and keep myself well too. This conference could help others take early steps – a stitch in time - to support their parents.”

The conference features speakers on the care system, housing, wills and financial planning, health and dementia and support for carers including handling relationships and improving communication with relatives.

Sandra Rome, of Carers in Bedfordshire, said: “The conference will help answer questions, provide tips and build up confidence in talking to your parents about difficult subjects.

“There’ll also be a chance to explore your own support needs as a carer - even if you don’t live under the same roof or in the same town - and network with others in a similar situation. You can even book a taster session with a massage therapist and a reflexologist.”

Conference speakers planned include Rekha Kara, First2Care, The Care System; Wendy Meniru, WM Counselling, The ChangingParent-Child Relationship; Moona Karim, Home Instead, DementiaAwareness; Sandra Rome, Carers in Bedfordshire, Self-Care for Carers; Martyn Dawes, Hamberley Care Homes, Navigating the Minefield - What to do When a Loved One Needs a Care Home; Tamsin Bromley-Rahlke, St James Place, Wills & Estate Planning; Sharon Whitehead, Honey Legal, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Funeral Planning; Sorrel Pindar, Bedford Integrative Health Centre, Communicating with Your Parents.

For more information about the conference, contact Sorrel on 01234 409538, email, visit or book on Eventbrite “Stitch in Time”

Contact Carers in Bedfordshire on 0300 111 1919, email and visit

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