Cancer patients give hospital thumbs-up

Bedford Hospital
Bedford Hospital
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Cancer patients have rated their experience of Bedford Hospital as excellent or very good – and the best in the country in some areas.

Nearly 150 cancer patients from Bedford answered a range of questions about their experiences of treatment and care at the hospital as part of a national survey on cancer care.

In the largest survey of its kind in the world, 94per cent of breast cancer patients described their care as excellent or very good.

Bedford patients rated communication and dialogue between staff and patients particularly highly, with 97% of patients feeling they received understandable answers to important questions – the highest result of all hospitals across the country.

93% said they felt they had been given clear information and advice about what they should or should not do once they left hospital, while 99% said their GP had received enough information from the hospital concerning their condition and treatment.

Results were also broken down into various types of cancer, the largest group being those being treated for breast cancer, 94% of which rated their care as excellent or very good. In addition, 100% of breast cancer patients said they were given a choice of treatment compared to just 89% nationally.

Dr Rory Harvey, consultant gastroenterologist and clinical lead for cancer services said: “We value the patient feedback provided from this survey and are pleased certain aspects of our report are exemplary.

“We are also acutely aware cancer services never stand still, services are constantly evolving and standards improving.”